Advanced Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Advanced Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages: Birthdays are frequently a favorite day for many individuals. Even if we are a year older, tougher, and grayer, it is still a great day when we hear from friends and family. When it is someone’s birthday, you have the time to prove to them that you love and care about them, that you think of them and are grateful that they are in your life. And, as the day comes, people begin to count down the days till another year has gone in their short or long lives. You could find yourself unable to attend their birthday party now that the clock is ticking. So, what is one to do? You may wish them a happy birthday ahead of time.

However, it is difficult for you to create anything creative and insightful to present to someone. has written the best Advanced Happy Birthday Wishes prayer and message, here are the Advance Happy Birthday SMS – read and share these Advanced Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages as a text message through FacebookTwitter, and other social media.

So, if you’re seeking anything unique to say to someone special on his birthday, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

We have gathered the finest birthday messages, birthday wishes with love, advanced birthday wishes, heart touching advance birthday wishes for you to choose from. All you have to do is write the best wishes on a slip of paper and present it to him to make it stay forever!

Advance Happy Birthday

You are too awesome to have just one day for your birthday celebration, so let’s celebrate one more day in advance. Happy early birthday!

Advance Happy Birthday
Advance Happy Birthday
  • Have a nice celebration next week! I hope that your day will bring you lots of joy!


  • I know your birthday is in a couple of days, but it is never too early to wish you a happy celebration! Good luck on your special day.


  • Tomorrow will be your lucky day! Make sure to get ready to have lots of fun! Someone is going to visit you…


  • I might be traveling on your birthday but, my dear friend I want to make you a promise. No matter where I might be I will definitely raise a glass and think about you. Happy birthday in advance.


  • I can not be there at your birthday party, but that doesn’t mean you will not get your gift that you’ll love, and once I will be back we are going to party hard. Happy birthday in advance!

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes 

I would rather choose advanced than delayed. A very unique and special person like you deserves every good thing in advance. Your birthday is an amazing moment for me. Happy early birthday!

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes 
Advance Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Sadly, I’m not going to make it to your birthday, I hope you have a great one and I’ll see you when we meet up!


  • I’m always early on things and I know you like it when people wish you a happy birthday in advance, So I came here today, to say have a great and memorable birthday!


  • Early wishes are always fun, and you know that the person who says it happens to think of you, and you know he thought of it the day before, he often is the first one to say happy birthday, or he is doing that just so he doesn’t have to do it later, and I’m that person! Happy birthday!


  • I know you like to receive early happy birthday wishes, so … Happy early birthday my friend, lots of luck and love to you!!!


  • I wish I could be there tomorrow for your special day, but I can’t… So I just wanted to say happy birthday in advance, I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!

Advanced Happy Birthday 

I can’t believe that I won’t be a part of one of the most awesome parties of the year! Happy early birthday, buddy!

Advanced Happy Birthday 
Advanced Happy Birthday
  • Who says birthdays are meant to be celebrated only for a day? Let’s start right now and make your birthday a fantastic week-long celebration, happy early birthday!


  • I wish I could be there with you tomorrow, but I can’t and I wanted to wish you an unforgettable and special day, bestie, happy birthday in advance!


  • It doesn’t matter whether my greeting is too early, on time, or late because I wish to let you know that you are on my mind and I don’t need Facebook to remind me of your birthday! Happy early birthday!


  • The date does not matter to me; I only care about you so let us now celebrate!

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

I may not be around on your most special day, but my heart’s always yours, wishing you an advance happy birthday, my love.

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes
Advance Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Your special day might be days ahead of us, but one wish is not ample for a great and kind person like you.


  • I need to be elsewhere on your very birthday, but don’t get pampered with everything. We’ll have an ultimate celebration once I get home.


  • I always see to it that I will be first in all of your everything, and greeting you a happy birthday is never an exception.


  • It’s my bills fault that I have to go the extra mile to be able to pay them all, even on the very date of your birthday. Anyways, advance stunning birthday to you!


  • You never leave my mind, so let me greet you first before the others and advance best 

birthday to you, sweetheart.

Advance Birthday Wishes

I am not right by your side on the day of your birthday, but even if we are miles away, I will undoubtedly celebrate for you.

Advance Birthday Wishes
Advance Birthday Wishes
  • Since our mantra is to live life like there is no tomorrow, I will not wait till the next morning to greet you. Happy birthday in advance!


  • All your friends will remember to wish you a happy birthday on your special day, but I will surely make you feel even more special for that day.


  • I may not be expected to be there on your birthday to celebrate with you, so I am sending you my birthday greeting ahead of time before the others do.


  • You are indeed so special to me that I cannot help but wish for every wonderful thing in life you can ever have. Genuine birthday to the most exceptional person in my life!


  • Early, prompt, or belated, I don’t mind at all. Let’s share all the crazy and wonderful memories. Your special day may or may not be today, but I’m certainly sending you tons of ultimate joy. 

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

I know that your birthday is still days ahead of us, but I am going to start celebrating your special day from today. Best birthday.

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes
Advance Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Considering that we are besties, a single greeting for you is not possibly enough for me, so let me wish you a happy birthday in advance, to a beloved friend of mine.


  • Friends recollect each one’s birthday at the exact time. But best friends treasure and remember each other’s birthday thoroughly beforehand. Happy birthday.


  • Growing older isn’t something to be joyful about, so I will not add up to your misery when that day genuinely comes. Have a blissful birthday in advance.


  • Your value in my entire life is way more than just a meager wish on your special day. So here’s one in advance and wishing that my worth in your being is deserving enough of a single measly party.


  • You are my secret keeper, the first person I tend to tell each thing to, so I should also be the primary person to greet you with your happiest birthday in advance.


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