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Hello Friends! All of you must be looking for answers to some questions through Google at some point or the other and there will be some of you who use Google to get answers to most of your questions, but do any of you? has also tried to find out What is Google And what is the history of Google?

Google is very popular not only in India but in all countries of the world and not only this, Google’s name is taken first in the search engine of the world. All of us can also call Google as a storehouse of knowledge because whenever you search to get any information on Google, it will give you the latest and latest information so that you all will get the best information according to your search. can be obtained.

Today we are going to provide you all kinds of important information related to Google through this article and you are going to get such information which will give you a lot of information related to Google. You must also read today’s interesting article from beginning to end and get complete information about Google.

what is google

Google is the largest search engine in the whole world. Google is such a search engine on which all of you people can search anything and whatever you all people search, all of you people will definitely get it. If anyone asks all of you people what is Google, then all of you normally give the same answer, but this is a common thing that everyone knows.

Whenever all of you are asked what is Google, then the correct answer will be “Google is a multinational company and apart from being a search engine, it also provides different ways of business to the people, it also provides internet analysis and cloud computing services to the people”.

what is the full form of google

Do you all know the full form of Google? Now many of you must be thinking that full form of google? So we want to tell all those people that Google has its own meaning, Google did not name its company as Google. In this, after some thinking, understanding and many arguments, it has kept its name. So let’s know what is the full form of Google.

G – Global

O – Organization

O – Oriented

G – Group

L – Language

E – Earth

Hence the full form of Google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. Google: Global Organization Of Oriented Group is Language Of Earth.

how google company was named

If we tell you all, there is a reason behind naming the Google company as Google. In the book Mathematics and Image Netting edward kesner And James Newman A word GOOGOL was marked by it which means 100 zeros behind one. inspired by all this larry page And sirji brin Together they named their search engine Google Chosen.

When was google started

Google company was started in the year 1996 to 1997 AD. In the year 1996 AD, both Larry Page and Sir G. Barion started Google together. When he started Google, he named it BACKRUB But later in 1997 AD, both of them together changed the name and named it Google. Both Larry Page and Sir G. Berrian are PhD students and they found a list of things to do in their PhD research projects and did a Google search.

history of google

For PhD studies in the year 1995 AD Stanford University California In came students from different cities where two different students met each other and became friends named Sirji Barion and Larry Page. After this, the friendship between these two became even deeper and they continue to make all their projects together in this group and also do group study.

After this, both of them, while continuing their PhD studies in the year 1996, made a list of doing something different for the research project of PhD and they searched Google itself. He started Google during his project, but when he started it, he named it BACKRUB and later both of them together named Google as Google.

The two decided to change the old name of Google after they studied the book by Edward Kesner and James Newman during their study. Mathematics and Imaginating Heard the word GOOGOL while reading it. It literally means 100 zeros one after the other. Inspired by this, he named his company Google Lamp.

After this, in the year 1998 AD, Google’s first doodle home page It was created and launched but at present there are more than 2000 Google doodle The home page has been created and is used all over the world even at the present time.

Gradually it improved and after that in the year 2000 edward was launched and currently Google online advertising Giving has become the largest company in the world, which provides success to the biggest business.

Android was also bought by Google in the year 2007 AD and in the present day also Android of mobile device most popular and best Operating System where it goes and the people iOS While not able to buy technical smartphones, they buy smartphones based on Android base, which they get cheaper than iOS.

Gradually, more improvements were made in Google and by the year 2012, Google had Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updated and google nixus 7 one by nametablet launched. Airtel got its fame around the world as soon as it came late and there was a lot of demand for this tablet in the early times and due to this Google company earned billions of trillions of assets.

In the same year Google did another update where they google now Andgoogle voice search Featured Hired. After all this, at present this Google voice search engine google assistant It has been changed in the form of and all the people are also getting the benefit of it.

by Google in the year 2015 AD VR Head Set was initiated. This head set started by Google was liked by the people and it also became popular very fast. After this Google has launched its Zindagi products, all those products are already given in the Android smartphone as a system product because Android is a product of Google itself.

After this, in the year 2016 AD, very amazing features by Google Google loan project was initiated. Through this, internet facility was provided in any areas where internet facility is not accessible and in the same year its first mobile phone by Google. Pixel was launched.

After all this, in the year 2017 AD, Google launched Google IO. On this platform launched by Google, you will be able to take all the people’s eye tools very easily and not only this, along with this all of you will also be able to get the facility of Google Lens, through which all of you will be able to click the photo of any object. You will be able to get complete information about that item.

Which country’s company is Google?

Do you all know that Google is the company of which country, if not, then if we have information about all of you, then we want to tell you that Google United States of America is a company. Google Company of America california It is located in the state called. Google’s main office or company is in California itself, but there are other branches of Google, which you will find in many countries, of which India is also one.

how does google make money

If you all want to know how Google earns money, then all of you must read the points written by us below. You will get all the information about this subject from here.

  • Google company earns most of its income through advertisements.
  • Google earns more than 96% of its total daily income through company advertisements.
  • Google itself generates about 70% of the ads for showing ads on its website and blog.
  • Giving Google company through Google Adwords makes a lot of income. After Google Advertisement, Google Edward is the second largest source of its earnings.
  • Google company keeps about 55% of the total earnings through advertisements displayed on each website and deposits 45% in the account of publishers.
  • All of you can guess from the fact that when Google gives about 45% of the earnings to a public search and keeps 55% itself, then all of you can guess how much money it would have saved from all the publishers.

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